what to expect from my session?


Initial appointments begin with a consultation to learn as much as possible about you and what brings you to therapy, as well as to provide information about how your course of treatment may proceed. In order to provide you with the most efficient course of therapy we ask that you thoroughly complete a health history questionnaire prior to your visit.

Following your consultation, we will provide an initial evaluation. This involves a medical and pain history, map of pain and referred pain patterns, range of motion assessment, postural and gait assessments, stance, and work station analysis, athletic history evaluation.

Goals are set cooperatively with you at the initial visit and are periodically reassessed.  Your input, insight, and feedback are highly encouraged.

Therapy Session
The initial hands-on therapy session will typically be shorter due to the consultation and evaluation necessary to design a specific treatment plan.   We will address areas of concern and provide information about your condition based on our assessment. Subsequent therapy will involve focused sessions to release myofascial trigger-points and reduce symptoms as quickly as possible.

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) a form of massage, is a specific, systematic, scientifically based

noninvasive treatment of soft tissue pain, dysfunction and injuries.  The muscles are relieved of trigger points that allow the body to heal itself.

Neuromuscular therapy consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the area of hypertonic (tight contracted) muscles.  The pressure is usually applied manually with fingers, knuckles, or elbow.  The pressure applied to the muscle should not vary for ten to thirty seconds. 

After the muscle is treated and is relaxed through neuromuscular therapy,  the lactic, pyruvic, and hyaluronic acids will be released from the muscle, and the muscle should start receiving proper amounts of blood flow and oxygenation, decreasing tenderness.


Education is an important part of the healing process.  We offer instruction on stretching and work habits, self-care methods and therapeutic exercises to enhance the results from your session and attain your goals.

You will receive a call or email within 24 hours after your initial treatment session.  It is important for us to hear about your progress at this time.  It will help us gauge the results of the treatment and develop a protocol for your next session.  You may also call the office any time if you have questions or concerns regarding your condition or any instructions you may have been given.