Eric's professional experience has been in Pain Management in the treatment of muscular skeletal problems, working with patients in a private practice with many different disabilities and chronic pain conditions, such as chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, and complex regional pain syndrome.

In his practice, he provides multiple treatment approaches to a number of common ailments including repetitive strain injuries, TMJ dysfunction and all forms of soft tissue injuries. He performs stretching techniques such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitative stretching (PNF) and active isolated stretching (AIS) to help with range of motion and mobility.

He utilizes hydrotherapy (the use of water in the treatment of pain such as hot compresses, cold compresses, etc), attended infrared heat therapy, and low level laser light therapy also known as cold laser therapy, to assist in patient care.  He also conducts postural assessments and if necessary, will utilize orthotics to help correct postural issues.

Eric's most recent achievement has been his selection and participation as a member of the Wellness Treatment Team for the 2013 U.S. Open PGA Golf Championship at the Merion Golf Club in Haverford Township, PA.  He has been invited back as a member of the Wellness Team for the 2014 U.S. Open PGA Golf Championship in Pinehurst, NC.

He has participated in many corporate events, such as the employee stress reduction and wellness day at Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital and has an on-going relationship with The Vitamin Shoppe, participating in their community educational programs, working at several health expos, performing comprehensive slide shows and lecturing on "The Cellular Anatomy of Muscle Cells and How They Contract and Relax", "ATP, The Powerhouse for Muscle Activity and Its Energy Currency", and "The Education of The Human Muscle Structure and Function".

In his private practice, Eric is a great proponent of proper nutrition for optimal health.  He frequently educates his patients on the benefits of natural, God given nutrients contained in whole foods.  Eric believes that The Creator in His wisdom, made food whole and all essential nutrients for health are contained in various foods.  On the other hand, man refines food and takes out certain nutrients to extend shelf life, therefore destroying God-intended nutrients required to maintain a strong immune system and support good health. When necessary, Eric will refers his patients for nutritional therapy and vitamin supplementation and has been involved in nutritional instruction regarding healthy food options.  

When appropriate, Eric will educate his patients about proper diet, about dead verses living food, refined verses whole food, preservatives and adulterated foods verses pure foods, good and bad oils, and the great benefits of natural probiotics contained in fermented foods.  Eric has also been making his own fremented foods for years and has instructed others to do likewise.  He loves bees and is an avid apiarist.  He believes that watching bees work is like observing a miracle and are as essential to our ecosystem as rain and sun.  Eric's hives have produced some of the best honey and he loves to teach about the medicinal benefits of it.

Eric has been an EMT (Certified Emergency Medical Technician) since 2002 and has actively worked as a first responder for a municipal emergency medical systems advanced life support ambulance company.  He is an Internationally Certified Fire Marshal and has served his community as a Battalion Chief, firefighter, and officer with multiple years of extensive experience in the field of fire rescue.