Eric began his independent practice after a career change and shortly thereafter, opened Therapeutic Pain Management Center, LLC

for the care of chronic pain syndromes, injuries, and muscular pain and dysfunction.  His goal is to decrease pain, anxiety and stress and improve the quality of life for all of his patients through natural, holistic and therapeutic care.

Eric had been in the emergency response, fire and medical field as an Emergency Medical Technician/ Firefighter for years. He had seen so much pain and suffering on each rescue and always wondered about the long term outcome of each person he rescued.   After more than ten years in the field as an EMT,  first responder, Eric felt a calling to help all people decrease the pain that they experienced, not just in an emergency situation but in everyday life.

Eric decided to make a change and to pursue more education in the areas of Massage Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy.  He wanted to provide an option for people suffering from injuries and chronic pain, who where interested in more natural therapies to decrease or alleviate physical and emotional pain and stress.

After multiple years of education, Eric became actively involved in helping those in pain.  He saw the physical conditions that lead to debilitating chronic pain and anxiety that affected all aspects of life.  He had a God given desire to address that pain and improve the quality of life of those suffering.  Many patients in his practice, under the supervision of their physician, have been able to decrease their pain and anti-anxiety medications after multiple continued sessions of Neuromuscular Therapy and some have been able to discontinue all of their medications for a more natural approach to pain management.

Through his education, Eric discovered the research of Drs, Janet Travell and David Simons detailed in their books, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, Volumes I and II.  Their research scientifically proved that trigger points existed in the muscles of individuals, creating painful conditions and entrapped or "pinched" nerves between other muscles and/or against bones.  As a part of their research into causes of muscle pain, they performed needle biopsies of the trigger points within the muscles and found the presence of three acids (Hyaluronic, Pyruvic and Lactic) which were produced by the body and caused increased pain.  These acids found were "neuroexciters" and were a result of decreased circulation in the muscle which was unable to carry away waste products as a result of contracted, hypertonic muscles.  When muscles are injured or affected by a chronic disease, the nerve impulses from the muscles are interpreted by the brain.  As a result, vasoconstrition of the blood vessels can occur causing ischemia or decrease circulation, which then causes waste products to stay in the muscles.  As the waste products build, they cause more pain, which causes more muscle tightness and the cycle continues along with more pain and accompanying dysfunction.  This cycle continues until normal muscle metabolism is restored and hypertonicity removed from the muscles.  Neuromuscular Therapy breaks that cycle and removes one or more of the critical factors associated with it.

At Therapeutic Pain Center, LLC, we offer therapy that is an excellent complement to any other traditional medical treatment.  Neuromuscular therapy is an excellent integrative approach for pain, relieving pain naturally, one muscle at a time!