Treat Your Health Issues Holistically

At Therapeutic Pain Management Center, LLC, we provide neuromuscular therapy, therapeutic bodywork, massage
therapy, and low-level laser light therapy (cold laser), including acu-laser (acupuncture points stimulated by light not needles) for patients with acute and chronic pain and for athletes who want to maximize their performance.

Our therapists are focused on 
wellness and healing of our patients using natural methods in conjunction with 

their conventional medical treatment team.  Our three main areas of focus are pain related to acute injuries, chronic injuries, and chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia and preventative care and maintenance such as stress management,
reduction, and relief.

As qualified, experienced, and nationally board certified therapists, we are licensed healthcare practitioners who share a common philosophy to help reduce physical, mental and emotional issues associated with pain and stress with holistic, natural techniques. 

We specialize in working with all medical conditions to people of all ages, both individuals and families.  Your health is our number one priority.  We design individual plans with our patients taking the whole person into consideration not individual
ailments.  We address our patient’s pain holistically, body, mind and soul, working with them and in conjunction with their medical team.